A Selection of Ebooks

Over the last 12 months I have produced a series of ebooks, all of which are on the subject of the origins of place names. These cover various counties, a full list can be found at my website.

A little publicity is never a bad thing. Hence I recently managed to find a slot on a couple of radio stations. Firstly I was interviewed in the morning on BBC Radio Cumbria, you’ll find my bit about 38 minutes in talking about my Cumbria Place Names. Later that same day BBC Radio Cornwall gave me some time. You’ll find me on after 10 minutes when I’m talking about my Cornwall Place Names. In both cases following the respective links will take you to my page and follow the instructions on how to obtain a copy. Note for those who dislike ebooks (and it is so much nicer to hold a real book, isn’t it?), I am working on producing print-on-demand versions of all my ebooks, information on such on application.

I have also produced ebooks on my home town of Tamworth. As a part of Tamworth’s Literary Festival, I penned two books on local names to raise funds for this worthwhile charitable cause. More information can be found here on Tamworth Literary Festival, while the two books cost just a couple of pounds each, all monies going to their needy coffers.

Again if you want further information try my website. Every street name in and around the town is defined by Tamworth Street Names, while Tamworth Pub Names (Past and Present) looks at the origins of these names.

One more fundraising venture for the literary festival. Sponsorship is always a popular method, the problem being finding something different. I have found something a little different (I hope) and will be attempting to land myself on as many television game shows as possible. I have already made a start and viewers of Channel 4’s longest running broadcast will be able to watch me on the afternoon of Wednesday November 4th. If you want to know how I got on, well you’ll have to watch it. I am in the process of producing a fundraising page and will add such as soon as the link is available.

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