Countdown – an update

For those who have been watching you will already be aware of the results from my experience on Channel 4’s Countdown broadcast this week. For those who have not managed to see them you can catch up with by following the links to watch Wednesday’s and Thursday’s broadcasts.

As and when you have seen them please contribute to the fund to enable us to bring a long-awaited weekend-long Literary Festival to my home town of Tamworth. If everyone reading this contributed just 1 penny for every point I score, the total would be reached with ease. For those who have already contributed my sincere gratitude but please pass the link on to others and help us bring leading lights in the world of publishing to Tamworth.

Meanwhile the challenge to appear on as many game shows as possible goes on – more news very soon. However, if you have a niche for me in a competition of the cerebral kind (my athletic days are well behind me!), or would like to invite me to take part in a competition you’re involved in, drop me a line.

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