Tamworth Literary Festival 2017

For eight days in early March Tamworth’s very own literary festival brought a varied line up to the town. In my role as chairman I was very much involved, together with secretary Tina and a half dozen willing helping hands.

Although by the time the doors shut on the final day we were frankly exhausted, the whole event proved highly rewarding and most enjoyable. Meeting up again with friends we had made over the last 2.1/2 years since the launch in 2014, by the end of the week we had made many new ones. Indeed on the final day at the second Book Blast, the camaraderie and warmth within the building was a real joy to experience.

In truth numbers could have been better and mistakes were made. Yet we learned and overall I think the week can be considered a success. If we had any doubts perhaps the many words of congratulations from any number of people was enough to convince us. Yet, for me, one lady who had attended every single event summed up what we had achieved best of all.

On the final day I took time to have a quiet word and thank her personally for her amazing support. Her reply made all the effort more than worthwhile when she said: “It has been more than a pleasure for every single day has been different and you have taken me into a different world.” What more could anyone ask for?

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